Give. One. Simple. Gift.

This Christmas…

give. one. simple. gift

Did you know that if each of you bought just ONE ticket to Tinsel & Twine’s Preview Night, we would well exceed our goal of contributing $10,000 to Franktown Open Hearts and help provide Christmas for 100 low-income, single-parent families in Williamson County (100% of ticket sales go to support Franktown). You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind Christmas Shopping Experience at the beloved Gentry’s Farm.

The $10 Preview Night ticket allows you first access to shop 100 of Nashville’s most creative vendors, qualify for unbelievable door prizes, enjoy over a thousand Christmas lights, hear some amazing live Christmas music, plus pick out your Family Christmas Tree & even visit and get family pictures with Santa, himself.

Together, let’s continue a new Franklin tradition by supporting the local arts community, giving generously to our neighbors in need and joining together to celebrate Christmas.

Plus, who doesn’t want to see what Gentry’s Farm looks like with Christmas Lights?

To purchase now, it’s simple, go HERE

I sure would love to have you!


Tinsel & Twine Christmas Barn Sale

Tinsel & Twine Christmas Barn Sale

Starts: Thu, Dec 05, 2013 at 5:00PM
Ends: Sat, Dec 07, 2013 at 8:00PM
The Beloved Gentry’s Farm in Franklin Tennessee

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BIG BIG BIG Things coming for the Fall Barn Sale!

Have you ever thought about doing something really important, attempting to make a difference but for some reason you just didn’t follow through?

Perhaps, you’ve had a dream to do something that really matters, make a difference, or impact someone’s life and again for some reason life got in the way? Excuses were made leaving you feeling empty in the end?

What was it that stopped you?

Probably the same thing that’s trying to stop us.


In the end, at the root of just about every excuse we make in life, rests a remnant of fear and to be honest, we’re battling a lot of that these days!

You see, what we’re attempting to do with this year’s Fall Barn Sale is frankly something BIGGER and BOLDER than we’ve ever done before. To you it might be nothing, it might be as simple as gulping down a Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade or chocolate milk-shake! (One of my favs btw)

But to be honest with you guys, to us, this is the scariest thing we’ve ever done!

I bet you’re wondering what it is by now.

Good, let me tell you.

Before there was Tinsel & Twine, there was the Lollipop Market. And the Lollipop Market’s main goal was simply to help us pay for Christmas.

As I’m sure you most of you can relate, Christmas is one the most stressful times of year. Both of us being self-employed, we are constantly living in a heightened state of stress during that season. Most years, we didn’t know how we would be able to pay for anything at all, much less a Christmas Tree and gifts for the kids. So the Lollipop Market was born out of that need to create some income for that season. When we put our heads together, we knew we weren’t the only ones struggling in this way, so we thought what better way to help others than to create an event for our friends and family to use their gifts and make extra money for the holiday season as well.

Fast forward several years, we’ve rebranded to Tinsel & Twine, and we’ve grown faster and larger than we could have ever expected. And thanks to you our events are considered the best in Middle Tennessee!

So thank you first of all, but let me get to the point.

With this year’s Fall Barn Sale, we’re attempting to take 20 families under our wing and personally provide Christmas for them. These are needy families, many without fathers figures in the home, and most of which who are just unable to afford even a nice Christmas Tree and Christmas Dinner. If you have kids, then no doubt, seeing the joy on their faces as they open a long awaited gift, Christmas morning, is one of the sweetest blessings you and I could ever experience! The reality is, there are families not more than 10 miles from us, that shockingly do not get to experience this. So it’s our dream this year to partner with those who will assist us in making this happen.

Our goal is $10,000.

And in the grand scheme of things, that’s not a whole lot of money, but it certainly feels that way to us! We’re battling the fear of failure and shame and not wanting to let these families down. But in the end, we know that with you guys’ help, we’ll be able to make a BIG difference in these families lives, and the seeds that are planted in the experience they will have this holiday season, will produce fruit beyond which, we could ever imagine!

We’re planning on creating an experience where they can go and pick out their own live fresh Christmas Tree, have it delivered to their living room, and then have a nice Christmas Dinner delivered as well. In addition to this, we’ll give the parents gift cards so that their kids can open their own presents Christmas morning, and be know deep down that they are loved, valued, and treasured!

Can you picture that scene in your mind?

It brings tears to my eyes even as I type this out, because no kid should wake up Christmas morning without presents, and no parent should have to carry the weight of not being able to provide their kids with simple things that represent and show them they are loved.

So will you help?

We will be making some more announcements with regards to this as the Fall Barn Sale approaches but in the meantime will you consider partnering with us to make a difference in these families lives?

Will you stand in the gap, and face down the fear of failure with us, as we attempt to do something we’ve never done before?

With Tinsel & Twine’s 2013 Fall Barn Sale being held at the prestigious Gentry’s Farm in Franklin, Tn, we know this will be our best event yet!

Gentry’s Farm has over 30,000 people come through their gates from September to October, all who will know and learn about Tinsel & Twine and you guys, our awesome vendors and fans! It will be an amazing event to experience at an amazing location!

You may be asking what can you do NOW to help us reach this awesome goal and so with one final THANK YOU, let me suggest this.

Share this email with someone else, maybe even 5 of your closest friends. Perhaps even some from your church, small group, sunday school class, neighborhood, workplace, or Duck Dynasty fan club! Anyone who comes to your mind right now!


Josh and Mary

And as always, please help us get the word out about Tinsel & Twine and the Fall Barn Sale on facebook, twitter and instagram.

The Importance Of Creating An Amazing Booth Display


Whether The Summer Market is your first show as a vendor or your thirtieth, getting a fresh outlook on creating an amazing booth will help you put your best foot forward for the event.   Here are some helpful hints to think about.


1. Two heads are better than one.  Come with help!  When setting up and tearing your booth down, remember you will need help hanging signs, putting up your table, etc… Bring a friend to help!


2. Be prepared for Mother Nature.  You never know when a strong gust of wind might come through.  Make sure your displays are secure so not to be easily blown away.


3. Remember YOUR booth is a reflection of YOU!  Take pride in it!  Use your sense of style and favorite colors and incorporate them into your space.


4. Your booth needs to be attractive, fun, quirky yet functional!  Add dimension for your displays by using different heights and textures.  Remember that you need to be able to organize your extra stock, gift boxes so that things are accessible yet not in the way the displays.


5. Begin planning NOW.  Pinterest can be your new best friend!  Check it out for TONS of great ideas on how to simplify you booth and make the process easier on you.


6. Be kind to your neighbors!  Make sure you are considerate and not to ‘overflow’ into your neighbors space.  Help each other and be respectful.  Some of the best ways to learn is from each other!  Other vendors will be a great creative resource for you!


7. Don’t forget the importance of good signage! Remember to have your business name in perfect view of shoppers. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t do this and miss the opportunity to sell their brand!


8.  Finally, never underestimate the power of your smile!   How you interact with the shopper matters.  Leave the best first impression you can with simple kindness.

Why We Support New Hope Academy

Although my husband and I have been supporters of New Hope Academy since its inception, our desire to support them has grown tremendously since our daughter, Molly, started 2nd grade at New Hope this past year.


We’ve seen her bloom under the leadership they provide.


As a matter of fact, my husband’s site, thejoshcollins [dot] com, features a series of posts inspired by her called, “Thoughts Of An 8 yr. Old.”


And because the proceeds from The Summer Market benefit New Hope, I’d thought I share a few reasons why you should support them too.

  1. They are committed to end the cycle of generational poverty through education in OUR community.
  2. Half of all classroom spots at New Hope are reserved for underserved children.
  3. New Hope graduates are THRIVING!  Their educational model is working!  Students that go on to area high schools are at the top of their class academically…

If you’re still not convinced take a look at this video below!



Help us support New Hope Academy and purchase your tickets to The Summer Market’s Preview Night May 30th!